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Midnight Blue Scrunchie

Midnight Blue Scrunchie

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The sky at midnight is a deep and endless blue, A canvas of endless possibility, Dotted with stars like diamonds in the night, Shining and shimmering with their light.

In the stillness of the midnight hour, The world is hushed and silent, And the sky seems to stretch out forever, A vast and boundless ocean of blue.

As the moon rises in the east, Its soft and gentle glow Illuminates the sky, Adding its own beauty to the view.

The night is a time of mystery and magic, And the blue of the midnight sky Is a reminder of the wonders that await, In the vast and endless night.

• 94% polyester, 6% spandex (fabric composition may vary by 2%)
• Smooth and stretchy fabric outside, elastic inside
• Removable bow detail
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