Not afraid anymore.

This is my call to the NFT Community.

CannaHumans need you.


For too long humans have been enslaved by hierarchies and as a species we've accepted the terms of 'he who holds the gold'. We live in fear of consuming a plant that grows with sun and water of the earth. A plant that cannot kill you, a plant that has been proven time and again to heal the sick. We are currently, for the first time in history, actually able to stand up and 'hold the gold', change the narrative, and free the weed.


There is a new underlying financial movement occurring in which communities can come together and decide where and how to spend thousands, sometimes millions of the American dollars' worth of cash by tokenizing democracy with digital currency.


I've spent well over 1,000 hours in the past two years reading and listening, learning, sitting in on virtual conferences and webinars, soaking in podcasts and youtube videos, following industry leaders on LinkedIn, and even watching congressional hearings from time to time. I can honestly say that this is all new to me still.


Crypto, NFTs, and DOAs, are concepts my head still tries to wrap around.


What I do understand fully, is 'Community'.

The underlying term, vibe, theme, of all the conferences and discussions I've been able to sit in on has been focused around that word. Community.


Well if any good can come out of this brave new world, if anyone is willing to help me navigate this project, I need your community to help mine. Most people who use Cannabis for their health do not have 1,000 hours to learn about web3, DAOs, NFTs, they simply do not have the strength, in some cases they do not have the means, in other cases, they are currently incarcerated for their choice to self-medicate.


This is my call to the NFT Community.

CannaHumans need you.

We need to let everyone know that it is an herb and it is ok.

We need people willing to be the voice for those who cannot speak.

If you are able to do so, please join me.

It's time.

It will take everyone to change the narrative.


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