What is Steampunk?

What is Steampunk?

Airship and Mushroom

What is Steampunk?

Have you ever daydreamed of going to the moon in a hot air balloon? Perhaps you've wondered what it would be like to take a submarine 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, or maybe you've fancied yourself able to travel by steam train to the center of the earth? Whatever whimsical, mechanical, steam powered dream you can dream can be incorporated into Steampunk. Though the idea of steampunk as we know it today began in the 1970s, however the style it emulates is pulled from the 1830's to the 1910's Victorian and Edwardian Eras.

Chris and Mardi Steampunk

I was first introduced to Steampunk by Mardi Denny of Masonville. She was like a fairy godmother to me in the fashion world, and I hope to carry on her legacy of whimsy and joy in everything that I do. She explained that steampunk was a lifestyle in which anything is possible. The styles are based on the Victorian Era when The World's Fair was in it's glory and the world believed for the first time that mankind really could achieve whatever it set out to do! I'm still waiting on my time machine though. 

Chris and Rebekah Steampunk Police Box Tardis Dr Who

From top hats to corsets, goggles to boots, steampunk is a form of expression showing that your imagination is what drives you on your journey. Stay tuned for more about steampunk every Saturday.

To The Moon!

-Rebekah Jenks

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