What Is Emulation?

What Is Emulation?

Welcome to Rebekah's Emulations.

I'm excited to share this whimsical lifestyle concept with you!

So, the big question is, "What is Emulation" or better put, "What does it mean to Emulate"? Well, to emulate someone is to mimic or to copy them. It is forming a likeness of them by copying their style or perhaps their theme of being, basically, in some form you are taking on a likeness of them.

Each day I chose a different theme or movie genre to emulate and pick things from my wardrobe that correspond. Here's an example of a time I was Beast!

All it takes is a little imagination and inspiration! I follow a few different groups who emulate different things such as Disney themed "Disney Bounders" who use everyday clothing items to mimic a different character and ComicCon "Cosplayers" who chose different pop culture icons and characters to create fun and intricate costumes based after. 

Sometimes I'm full costume, sometimes I'm a bit obscure and it only makes sense to me. Whichever form of emulation I'm playing for the day, it helps me get going in the morning and get ready with joy.  

Now I don't want you to think that you need a massive wardrobe to emulate. You'll notice the same blue jacket is being worn in both emulations. It's all about accessories and styling! I'll be taking you on a journey of how I turn my wardrobe into a magical experience everyday.

Stay tuned for more!

Also, if you shop from my affiliates I make a commission! Times are getting tough and I've had to become creative in more ways then one. Thanks for your continued support, and happy creating!

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