The Classics

There was always something special about sitting down with my papaw on Sunday mornings while he had his coffee and read the newspaper. He would keep the funnies out for me to enjoy. As I read my Garfield and my Peanuts with my Papaw, life was simple, and life was good. 
rebekahs emulation of marcie the cartoon classic from peanuts
One of my favorites was this little fella, Casper. He was just the friendliest little misunderstood character out there. And boy oh boy did I relate! I've always been one of those odd balls that never quite fits in. I'm just different, but I promise I'm friendly!
rebekahs emulation of the classic cartoon casper
And of course, classic of classics, the one, the only, Garfield! His love food for makes him and me the bestest of friends. His disdain for boring chit chat and his obsession with coziness and sleep are things that I also cherish about him. The coolest cat around was so much fun to emulate!
rebekahs emulation of garfield the cartoon classic
What was your favorite Newspaper Comic Strip to read?
Leave me a comment below and let me know!