October is Here!

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The term 'DisneyBounding' was initially meant to describe people who were emulating different characters when they were heading to a Disney Park, thus 'Disney Bound"! During the pandemic, the need to find joy in my daily routine became vital to keeping a positive outlook (and keeping track of what day was what). Since the parks were closed, a group of us started 'Disney Bounding' at home. So we 'Bounders' share themes and emulate different characters to embrace our creativity and express our unique weirdness.
Here are the prompts we will be following for October!
disneybounding boundoween
You see, One does not simply wear normal clothes in October. Every day has a theme and every outfit gives a nod to the prompt for that day.
lotr october clothes meme
Today, Day One!, is the Lord of The Rings and I am Boromir.
Simple details can go into emulating a character. (Cosplay is the full recreation of a character, different topic for a different day). Using my wardrobe I embrace the character with my shirt that looks a lot like Boromir's tree armor, a gold ring on my necklace, and the attitude to match! 
 boromir tree
lotr boromir emulation
Stay Tuned for more October Shenanigans on the Airship!

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