Make-Up and Make-Believe

Make-Up and Make-Believe

There are a few key things that can go into your emulations. Clothing, accessories and make-up! Some days, the make-up is the part that really ties the look together. This version of myself as the Heimlich caterpillar from Disney's a Bug's Life, is a good example of how the make-up made the outfit.

a bugs life emulation of heimlich

There's a certain perk to working from home full time that I'm excited to take advantage of... No one sees my face! I can get ready in the morning and be a fabulous Kevin bird all day! Emulating Kevin from Up was so much fun! 

kevin from up

Discovering characters that I've never heard of is half the fun with participating in challenges. The #DisneyHomeboundChallenge had me scrambling to find a concept for Disney Jr. and that is when I discovered Vampirina. This adorable character has a huge personality that was a delight to emulate. 

vampirina emulation disney jr

I hope you find things in your daily life to inspire you, spark wonder, and encourage your creativity. To The Moon!

Happy Creating,



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