It's a Colorful Life

It's a Colorful Life

When emulating a character, theme, object, or whatever it is you chose... Keep in mind that you needn't always be literal. Take this Alice in Wonderland Emulation for example. The Mome Raths are clearly not mustaches, however the belt I'm wearing completely vibes with the essence of the Mome Raths. Make Sense?

Mome raths

Here is another good example of me using a luck charm specific to myself, when it doesn't fit the movie at all. It does however represent who I am, in the essence of the film I was emulating that day. 


I hope this helps you feel less restricted in choosing items to use for daily emulations. Remember that above all, have fun with it! Let your creativity come alive and let yourself enjoy some time to yourself to start your day on a positive note. Happy Creating!

Bug eyes

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