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DisneyBounds Rebekah's Emulations

The love affair I've had with star Wars began at a very young age for me. The OG 3 were my first introduction to the Star Wars universe. Ewoks and R2D2 were the characters that I related to the most. Last week though I was feeling a bit more Wookie then Ewok...
 airshiprebekah emulation of star wars wookie chewy
Throughout the week my mood never seemed to improve from there. Thus a Darth Vador emulation was in order.
rebekah as darth vador
Whomever you relate to the most, it's undeniable that the Star Wars Legacy has transcended generations now. There are barriers being pushed with their franchise to further the art of movie magic. Stay creative my friends!
airship rebekah emulation of simpsons quote im a star wars

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