Dress Up and Show Up!

"The most important thing is that you show up, and don't forget your hat!" Today's emulation is a tribute to one of the most magical humans to have ever lived.
Mardi Denny (1945-2020)
Mardi Denny Masonville Mercantile 
Mardi Denny was my "fairy godmother" when I first got to Colorado. I'd decided to take a break from working corporate jobs and needed to find something interesting to do. Then I met Mardi. She ran the Masonville Mercantile in northern Colorado and it was the exact kind of magic I was craving in my soul. I was blessed to work for her and learn from her for a few special years. She taught me how to carry my head high, even when I felt like crap. She taught me that being on time, is actually late, and that one should always be at least 5 minutes early (in case they need to vacuum or dust something). Her advice still carries me through my hard days and her quirks still make me smile. The pearl dress I'm wearing today is my mothers and the shawl was Mardi's. 
myself in mardi dennys jacket  
On the mornings that I can't find the strength to keep going, I borrow some of her magical fairy dust that she graciously left behind for me in the form of tiaras. Mardi was a special woman who helped me find myself when I was very unsure of how to proceed. It has been over half a year without her now, she left the earth before most of the madness that is 2020 began, and for that, I am forever grateful. I miss her dearly, but I'm very glad she got an upstage seat for this one. People come and go in our lives and sometimes we don't realize how truly special they are until they're gone. Don't hesitate today, take time to acknowledge the magic your friends and family bestow upon you everyday. Be grateful for the time we are given. Get up, show up, and don't forget your hat!