Danny DeVito Week

Danny DeVito Week

Seriously though, who doesn't love this magical man? From Matilda to Sesame Street, we reminisced last week about some of our favorite roles Danny DeVito has played throughout the years. 

Ladies and gentlehumans, dudes and ghouls, I proudly present to you, Vincent Van Grouch! 

Rebekah as Vincent Van Grouch

Danny DeVito took on so many character types over the years. He stole everyones heart though with the way he lived offset when filming Matilda. This magical man comforted little Mara Wilson who played Matilda because tragically the nine year old lost her mother while the film was in production. 

Rebekah as Danny DeVito in matilda

Am I seeing double?

Ok so these Twins aren't exactly what you'd call identical. Like at all, but that's part of the fun. These long lost brothers brought us some very fun lighthearted laughs in this film from 1988. Twins. 

Rebekah as Danny DeVito in twins 1988 film

I do have to say that a week full of Danny DeVito did have me questioning how much I looked like him. He is so darn special though that I'm ok with it. Aaand that's a wrap my friends, now you've 'be done seen about everything'! Until next week, be kind. Always. 

Rebekah as danny devito in Tim burtons dunno seen an elephant fly

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