Christmas in July

Posted by Rebekah Jenks on

During the month of July I participated in #HalfwayToHolidayMagic 

We chose different Disney characters to emulate that were from Holiday Films or TV Shows. It was such a blast stepping out of the norm and stepping into a wardrobe reminiscent of Holiday Magic!

There was another group following some 1990's Disney themed prompt so I had fun mashing the themes together! My favorite was the discovery of the 1991 Darkwing Duck Christmas special "It's a Wonderful Leaf" featuring the misunderstood villain Bushroot. "Calling All Trees! Calling All Trees!"


My moods that week ranged from the Grinch himself, to the lovable Molly from Talespin. Choosing an emulation is therapeutic in a way, it let's you express yourself truly throughout your day.

The Grinch


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