Against All Odds

This week I took some time to reflect on 2020 and what a rollercoaster it has been. I'm proud to say, that against all odds, I still have a positive outlook on life. Aside from the worldwide chaos and instability, we had our own problems brewing up here in the mountains of Colorado. In August my life turned upside down a few times with the Cameron Peak Wildfire burning so close to where I live. By September, the fire had reached our area and caused us to be evacuated. Thankfully, mid-September brought snow to our mountains, if only for a day. It allowed for a reprieve from the threat of fire spread and we were able to return home, breifly. By mid October, the Cameron Peak Fire had raged back to full force and threatened our home once again. Here is a candid photo of me 'grabbing the essentials' as we packed up our belongings a second time.
masonville colorado cameron peak fire 2020
A house is more then a structure, it is a home where we build our memories and create our lives. Being told to leave and not knowing if it would be there upon return was an experience that deepened my fortitude and help strengthen the bond between me and my husband. We left our house that day with a few basics and each other. Suddenly that became enough as long as we could still be together. We are blessed to have dear friends to stay with only an hour from where we live. We watched for days as the smoke rolled off the mountains and over the foothills, not knowing what our future would hold. Against all odds, our house is still standing. The fires stopped less then 2 miles from us in some directions. Another day of high winds and our story would not have been a joyful one. The days leading back to cleaning up our neighbourhood and comforting our neighbours who suffered loss were gut wrenching. While the world was in chaos with covid, we had our own chaos to sort out. This year has been one of heartbreak and destruction on scales I have never seen before. Somehow though, I've managed to keep smiling, keep pushing, keep striving to bring joy to other humans. Against all the odds. 
Remeber the Titans
sheryl from remember the titans emulation by rebekah
Monday I chose to emulate Sheryl from the film, "Remember the Titans". Her tenacity and drive to win are something to be admired. The film takes us on a journey of emotions while teaching us how humans can come together to triumph over adversity if they chose to!
Angels in the Outfield
rebekah emulating al aka christopher lloyd from angels in the outfield
Tuesday I was in desperate need of an angel, so I became one. Emulating Chrisopther Lloyd's character Al from "The Angels in the Outfield" brought me the joy that I needed to go about my day. The angels are out there, you can't always see them, and sometimes, you have to become them for others. Being the kind voice in someones chaos is part of my job that I take seriously and I strive to achieve with every interaction. Life is hard enough, we need each other to get through. We need to believe in each other and trust that together, we will make it through this. 
October Sky
rebekahs emulation of thee boys from october sky
Wednesday took us to the Heavens! The film "October Sky" resonates with me for so many reason. I've always dreamed of going to space. I'm not convinced that we're alone in the galaxies, just us on this rock, and I hope that humans will continue to advance to the stars. The other night I was able to see several of Elon Musk's Starlink satellites lined up and it reignited my sense of wonder. Humans are so very capable when they set their minds to achieving greatness.
the intership vince vaughn emulation
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