Adventures in Hair Dye DIY

Adventures in Hair Dye DIY

"Because hair dye is cheaper then therapy" ... Sometimes self care means grabbing two different green dyes and applying them in random chunks to your hair. I prefer to do a color test still, even if I am making a "rash" decision to dye my hair, again. 

Hair strand test

Once I know how the colors will look with each other then I begin to separate and apply.

Phase 1. Atomic Turquoise - Manic Panic

Manic Panic atomic turquoise hair dye

Phase 2. Green Phantom - Arctic Fox

Phantom Green Hair Dye by Arctic fox

Final Results!

Green hair

Flubber hair

#FlubberHair #MermaidHair Feeling fantastic and fancifully green! We will see what emulations this will lead to! Never stop creating!

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