Touching The Future!

Interactive Holograms? Can it be? Are we actually here?
Someone. Please. Pinch. Me! 
Looking Glass Factory has made the magic happen and it will be here sooner then you think!
This week I attended the AWE Nite: Holograms For Your Business, and it was exactly the inspiration I've been needing! The 'Flex' for NFTs has finally arrived.
Photo by Victor Serban - Baby Yoda with a light spectrum - Unsplash
Photo by Victor Serban on Unsplash
There are so many amazing things happening at Looking Glass Factory. From Medical Visualization, to 3D Story Telling, the use cases for Holograms are as endless as the human imagination. 
Shining a Flashlight on Digital Holography
My favorite visual experiment I've seen so far is the flashlight used to cast a shadow on the Hologram itself. It makes no sense to my small brain, but I am here for it! You can learn more about this fascinating step towards the future, and all the wonderful technology soon to be at our fingertips on their blog:
See you next week, as we discover more magic being made in the the metaverse and beyond!