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Inspired Artists Rebekah's Realities To The Moon!

Life leads down strange roads sometimes. And help seems to come oddly enough, usually when you least expect it, and from the most peculiar of places... You see, I've always struggled to fit in and feel like I had a place to belong. A place I truly called home, a place where I felt safe to be my weirdoest weirdo self. I found that place with Dogecoin. The r/dogecoin community is unlike anything I've ever seen. There is no religion involved, no master, no real point other then to get lambos for being diamond hands. ... but there's something special in that thread. Something is happening between the memes that is extraordinary. ... People are coming together without knowing where they're from, what their political stances are, no one cares if you're rich already, in fact we kind of hate that. We just buy the dip and HODL til it hurts most days, but we're all in it together now. And if it goes to the moon. (and it very well could go to the moon), if it does, I guarantee the world will be a better place for it. The motto for D.O.G.E. is "Do Only Good Everyday", this wonderfully weird group of misfits gave me hope in a very dark world. Let the HODLing Angel guide you home. Join us on reddit in r/dogecoin. 9we're a bunch of f*$#&cking weirdos though, don't say I didn't warn you)
HODLing. To. The. Moon! 
HODL dogecoin angel doge a day

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