Let the Games Begin!

Old Bay is setting the stage for things to come! Immersive Marketing at its finest. Humans are craving engagement now more than ever, and Augmented Reality + Gamification are paving a new way to connect with your consumers. 

"Old Bay launches augmented reality scavenger hunt in Baltimore with electric scooter grand prize" -baltimorefishbowl.com


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

In other news: 

Epic Games acquires Sketchfab, a 3D-model sharing platform

For those of you who are in the know, your LinkedIn feed was probably nothing but this news story since the announcement. It is a big deal!

But why?

When two industry leaders come together with the common goal of empowering creators and allowing for innovation to be the driving force, big things can happen. 

“We built Sketchfab with a mission to empower a new era of creativity and provide a service for creators to showcase their work online and make 3D content accessible,” Sketchfab co-founder and CEO Alban Denoyel said in the announcement. “Joining Epic will enable us to accelerate the development of Sketchfab and our powerful online toolset, all while providing an even greater experience for creators. We are proud to work alongside Epic to build the Metaverse and enable creators to take their work even further.”

The future is looking better and better every day!

Tune in next week for more "fresh heck" from the multiverse.