Doge A Day and OpenSea

How To Rebekah's Realities To The Moon!

Welcome to NFT Tuesdays!
We will be exploring the ever evolving world of online digital art and digital fashion via NFT's. There are many uses for NFTs and Blockchain technology. Here is an example of where you can buy my Digital Art online with Ethereum cryptocurrency.
Still with me?
That's ok, me neither.
It's still weird to me that people are anxious to buy digital twins of things or digital art with digital tokens that they have purchased with US Dollars... but the more I learn about the US Dollar, the more afraid of it I am than the stability of the Chuck E Cheese coin. ... so that 's enough rambling, let's dive right in. Check out my NFT art on
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Do you HODL?
What the heck is HODLing do you ask?
It is the act of *Holding onto your crypto currency for the duration of months, years, decades if needed to prove the validity and the stability of a coin. We are changing the way money is controlled. This is the way... Dogecoin HODLers simple do it for the fun of the memes and the way it makes serious investors eyes twitch. We are not smart, but we are many! You can get a Doge Hodling Hoodie here: 

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