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"From music to sports, real estate to digital fashion, art to collectibles: non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are transcending industries and transforming economies. They’ve led to an explosion of disruptive technologies, the digitization of culture and assets, and the creation of an immersive internet. Most of all, they’re here to stay." -NFT SUMMIT 2021Hosted by GDA Group

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Virtual NFT Summit. It was mind boggling! Not even 30 minutes into it, my life was changed, and my eyes were opened. The Day 1 Keynote Speaker, Erikan Obotetukudu talked about How Culture and NFTs are changing money forever. Small oppressed countries are able to stand on their own for the first time in history in some parts of the world, thanks to the digital currency exchanges and new ways to make money with digital art, music, fashion, etc. This is a movement!

I also discovered new ways to showcase my art inside of virtual worlds like Decentraland. Did you know that virtual land currently sells for thousands and in some cases millions of dollars? Virtual Land. Money. Virtual Architecture, virtual concerts where you pay the artist directly and not ticket master. Virtual art galleries where you can buy virtual art without middle men, without having to travel to London or New York, even Sotheby's is in Decentraland! 

ok, that is perhaps enough rambling for this week. If you're interested in learning more about Virtual Reality and the Metaverse let me know and I would love to connect! 

To the future! Much Love Fam!



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