Augmented Reality For All!

How To To The Moon!

This week I am very excited to talk about a new augmented reality design marketing tool that just became available to the masses. Best part is, NO Code! That's right, using the magic of WorldCAST combined with Canva, it is actually quite delightful to create marketing campaigns in augmented reality. The door to the future of 'AR for all' has finally been opened my friends. 

If you've known me for any length of time, you know I am always up to something. For years I've been ranting and daydreaming about selling you my physical purse designs that come with an accompanying digital purse for your virtual reality avatar. This is now not only doable, but a digital purse can sometimes have more value than a physical purse. #PhigitalLife

Maybe you've grown accustomed to rolling your eyes at me when I tell you that I will sell my digital art as an mp4 NFT and as a t-shirt and eventually you will be able to scan a QR code on the sleeve of the t-shirt and see the mp4 art piece move in augmented reality. THIS is now not only doable, but yours truly is making it happen as we speak! Using the new tech drop from WorldCAST I am confident that my daydreams of today will be the realities of the future. Making wearable art a normal part of fashion and bringing a whole new meaning to 'wearable NFTs'.   

If you scan this QR code, open the portal, and then Scan the image of the dress, you should get a taste of what I'm working on!

NFTea by AirshipRebekah

NFTea Dress


Shop the NFT Dress irl here: NFTea Skater Dress

Stay tuned next week for more rantings from my mind on the future of realities and all the possibilities. 


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