Augmented Reality Becomes Reality

We're going to the moon. Care to join? I've been busy behind the scenes learning new techniques to use augmented reality for retail, and boy oh boy, are you guys in for a treat! Some of the most creative minds on the planet are currently just as obsessed as I am about this future stuff. 
It all started for me with the art.
Scissors, stickers, pen, and paper.
NFTea by Rebekah of the airshiprebekah
After I make art, I capture a photo and play with layers upon layers of changes to digitally render animation, color effects, contrast, depth, all the magical things.
NFTea by Rebekah of the airshiprebekah gif spooky
From here I've created fabric patterns from the art for clothing.
Once my dress arrives, trust me, you and the entire internet will know.
NFTea by Rebekah of the airshiprebekah My dress
So where is the augmented reality part you ask?
Thank you for asking! My new business cards will be coming at you with a hint of whimsy and a whole world of new technology thanks to WorldCAST.
This is a link to what it will look like when you scan my business card with your phone.
To view the magic, simply agree on the first page and then click 'No Images?" on the bottom right of the second page. *It may take some time to load depending on your device. I promise it's worth the wait!
The NFTea art work and social media icons will seem to 'float' over my business card when looking through your phone in real life. (think 'pokemon go' augmented reality overlay)
If you're viewing this on desktop you can also scan the images of my business cards below.
Let me know what you think! The future is coming at us fast, are you ready?
airshiprebekah back of business card with qr code
airshiprebekah front of business card