maddie gudenkauf writer and youtuber themadness22 and how to survive a ghost story

Maddie Gudenkauf

I'm excited to introduce Maddie G to everyone here on the Airship. This amazing human is made of pure sunshine! I'm sure of it! She is not only an extraordinary person, she is a fantastic creative writer. She's been writing since she was six years old and has previously published work with and The Harry Potter Alliance. When she’s not writing, she’s running the comedic variety YouTube channel known as “TheMaddness22” with over 2,200 subscribers. "How to Survive a Ghost Story" is her debut novel!
 I've known Maddie since day one of my digital marketing journey! This is my favorite photo from week one of #CTCTLife 
ctctlife with rebekah jenks and maddie gudenkauf
Don't forget to check out Maddie's website:
And Subcribe to her YouTube Channel "TheMadness22" for some seriously awesome insight about Books, Starkid, Batman, and other madness, oh my!
themadness22 youtube channel by maddie gudenkauf
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