Who Are CannaHumans?

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The Good Green Herb Heals. There is much love in the plant that gives so freely of itself. Let the world know that you are a proud CannaHuman. We need you to shine the light on the benefits you've felt from this beautiful plant.

Who is Rebekah?

For the past several years, I've been on a journey to find alternative means of pain relief for my husband. I created AirshipRebekah as a way to sell interesting things to interesting people while trying to stay afloat financially. Heart surgeries are very expensive, and my husband has had two...

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Why Tarot Though?

I've always been drawn to mystical and magical things.

I don't fancy myself to be any sort of fortune teller or witch, I'm just a girl who tries to let the universe speak to her through various things.

I'm not the best at making decisions, and I love art, so naturally my curiosity led me to Tarot. The earliest records of Tarot show that it began as a card game in Italy in the 15th century, nothing spiritual about it, just a way to pass the time.

While it has evolved to mean various things to various people, I simply use the cards as a guide and a way to enjoy some quiet time in the morning.

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The Little Known History of Tarot by Gaia